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The first, clementine Fina, a few seeds, sweet, fresh aromatic taste.
The fruits are not graded by size and not preserved. Natural fruits.
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Clementines, (clementina), Quinta cultivation, Kg
The first clementine a few seeds, sweet, fresh aromatic taste.
The fruits are not graded by size, are not washed and not preserved. Natural fruits.
Ready for shipment 26.02.2020
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Clementine Variations from our own Quinta cultivation Kg

Our Clementines are not overbred and have only a few cores that serve as flavor carriers.
Our Clementines are delicious and fresh, fruity-aromatic in they taste.

Our Clementines are not overbred and have only a few cores that serve as flavor carriers.

They are delicious and fresh, fruity-aromatic in the taste.
The fruits are not sorted and not conserved.
And the best: They can, therefore, be eaten with the peel!


Portugal, HKL II; Quinta cultivation – we grow them our own for you.

How to store Cool, airy and dry.

Optimal: in the refrigerator at 4 °C ( ≙ 39.2 °F ) - 8 ° C ( ≙ 46.4 °F ) .

Hint: Please don't use the transport box for the storage.

Well, our boxes are good for the shipping but they aren't suitable for any storage.

Here is a (sometimes) important TIP

Since we have some Clementine varieties that evolved very small but especially aromatic fruits, we also ship the little fruits.

If these have a very thin peel it might take you some diligence to get it off the Clementine.

The simple magic of peeling Clementines the clever way:

Separate the fruit into 4 pieces first and then it will be much easier to enjoy your fruit.
That is because the peel will come off much better if you do it this way around.


Clementines botanically belong to the shrub berry fruits and are coming in quite different in sizes.

From big to medium sized, or rather small.

That depends on the Clementine type.

From experience, we know that the little ones are often a little way more aromatic.

The number of seeds also varies from species to species.

Some got only a little to almost no cores, whilst some are quite rich of those.

Spoken for our Clementines regarding the cores - we always assume that some of them may be present.

Please take a note of the current variety is shown.

The species information you'll find above in the short description above the price.

Clementines are a refinement of the tangerines.

Both are one of the oldest citrus-fruits with a surprising origin - China.

There, the fruits were a privilege.

The Chinese reserved them for a long time only to the higher ranked society.

Clementines are also called "Mandarine" in the German language, which is said to be descending from the ruling dynasty of the Mandarin.

Determination – the deeply sensed clementine

The mandarin/clementine is determined to be resilience and same time also for they're robustness.

The fruit stands for kindness and heart warmth.

It has been said that with the help of tasting clementines, sometimes obstacles can be met easier and those loads can be carried out better.

100g Clementine contains








Vitamin C



83-87 g

≙ 0.18 lb

0.3 g

≙ 0.00066 lb

210 mg

≙ 0.00026lb

33 mg

≙ 7.28 lb

11 mg

≙ 2.43 lb

30 mg

≙ 6.61 lb

Daily Requirements of an Adult




Vitamin C





"What are our fruits?" - an expectation guide

To be clear: the citrus fruits that we send to you, are generally not available anywhere else besides trough us.

This is seen regarding their level of ripening.

We do this without any irradiation, fumigation, and preservation.

And for this done for a good reason:

As a producer, we lose a not inconsiderable fruit amount of our production through late harvesting.

One or the other fruit may not be able to survive the transport.

You might see the tight gradation between ripe fruit and natural process of degeneration.

The taste, however, will surely convince you!

Be aware that you order natural fruits here.

This is nothing you would buy at the Supermarket – our fruits are not industrial goods.

We do not fight every louse that leaves its honeydew on some fruits.

But, it's easy to wash off.

Therefore we declare our fruits with the Commercial Class: "HKL II".

From our experience, we know that most fruits are arriving at our customers' door's step in good condition. Our transport is cool and dry.

The shipping will be performed at 6-8 ° C (≙ 42,8 °F – 46,4 °F) refrigerator temperature.

We are proudly able to tell you that you'll taste the love we've put into our fruit cultivation.

Many positive customer feedbacks educated us about that fact.

Yumminess is our passion - let the natural taste make you happy, too.

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