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A very nice heating and cooling bag.

A real gain for every household.
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A very nice heat and a cooling sack.

A real asset for every household.

Nothing warms more cuddly or cools better with a pleasant temperature than a cherry stone bag.


Simply store in the freezer for the cooling effect.

If necessary wrap in a cloth.

Place on the relevant body part.

For a warm pillow, carefully heat up the pillow in the microwave for 3 Minutes.

Or heat it up in the oven for about 5 to 10 Minutes.

Check the temperature from time to time.

Take the pillow out, when it reached a comfortable temperature.


The cherrystone pillow has been around for many centuries.

However, nobody knows exactly which person we should show our gratitude for the cherry-stone

or grain pillow.

In the Middle Age, people used heat which helped to sweat out diseases.

At first warm envelopes were used.

Later these were filled with fruit seeds or bran, as they'd stored the heat better and longer.

Sometime later, it seemed that somebody came up with the idea to fill the envelopes with fruit pits. Cherry pits are particularly well suited.

Allegedly, in 2007, the cherry stone pillow was re-explored.

More specifically, the mechanism of its action was explored.

Previously, we assumed that a cherry stone pillow must first absorb the heat.

Then it stays warm for hours.

Anyone who has had a cherry stone pillow in bed overnight will notice the soothing warmth early in the morning.

But how can the heat remain in the cores for so long?

A mathematician discovered the so-called "cherry-stone decay".

This works in a similar way to radioactive particles.

When the cores collide, friction occurs and this, in turn, generates heat.

Older cherry kernels, which have already got a lot of friction behind them, do not work as well as younger ones.

The reason for this is that their outer casing is no longer 100% intact and so the heat can escape faster.

We do not know if there is any truth in this theory.

It sounds at least pretty exciting.

But what we do know is that heat can be generated by friction.

The cherrystone pillow is definitely an invention that we do not want to miss in our time

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