Article No.: 9621
volume/weight: 1.00kg
Balsamic vinegar produced by biological fermentation of apples.

By the combination of apple with balsamic vinegar Gallo.
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basic price: 13,80 € / 1 Ltr.
Ready for shipment 26.02.2020
Colourful apples ripen in the branches of the orchards, ideal for cider. Golden and amber, this vinegar is surprisingly fruity. The apple enrichment lends a naturally sweet taste, which reminds of a refined nectar. Acid content: 5%
Contents: Apple vinegar, concentrated apple must, SO² with sulphites. Producer: Victor Guedes Ind. Com.SA; Rossio ao sul de Teijo; 2206-909 Abrantes.
Packaging: Glass bottle
Storage: Cool and protected from light
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