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volume/weight: 1.00kg
The first navel oranges.
Still fresh and sour in the taste.
Can still be slightly greenish.
Not to compare with the wonderful sweetness of the summer oranges.
The fruits are not conserved, therefore a cool storage 4 ° C-6 ° C is necessary!
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Oranges (laranjas), Quinta cultivation, Kg
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Oranges, from own cultivation, Quinta harvested, per Kg

The peel of fruits may still be greenish in November and December.
This can occur if the different day and night temperatures are still missing.
Regardless of their peel's color, our Oranges are wonderfully fresh to the taste.

Depending on the season, we've got different varieties available for you.
As always they have a clearly higher acidity is present at the beginning of each time the orange variety starts to have its season.


Our oranges, have a delicate, orange-yellow peel, which is very convenient to remove.


Portugal, Class "HKL. II". Quinta cultivation – we grow it yourself for you!

Important quality information

Our oranges are natural, not sorted and not preserved. They are the worry less choice, hence the peel can be used, too.

It takes up to one year for our fruits to ripen on the orange trees. They are always fresh and harvested with love by hand.

How to store

Cool, airy and dry. Optimal: in the refrigerator at 4 °C .

Hint: Please don't use the transport box for the storage. Well, our boxes are good for the shipping but they aren't suitable for any storage.

Average nutritional value for 100g:






Bread Units




0.00011 lb


0.00043 lb








0.00000044 lb








Water content



Vitamin C

Vitamin A

Vitamin E

Vitamin B1

Vitamin B2





0.3 mg



0.09 mg



0.04 mg











































For what you can look forward to receiving

You get freshly harvested natural oranges. Depending on the variety, our citrus fruits ripen on the tree for up to one and a half years. If you order here in the Orange Shop today, the oranges still hang on our trees. The fruits are harvested only for your order. The freshness that you can taste. Mindfulness that you can feel. For this, you can look forward to receiving: Freshly harvested, natural oranges. Depending on the variety, our citrus fruits ripen on the tree for up to one and a half years. If you order here in the Orange Shop today, the oranges still hang on our trees. The fruits are harvested only for your order. The freshness that you can taste. Mindfulness that you can feel.

Our cultivation is 100 % Natural.

We fertilize our natural oranges with high-quality organic fertilizers. We reduce the pest infestation with the help of organic products and "pamper" our insect pests with wine-vinegar-traps. The mineral-rich clay soils and our unique geographical location with over 300 sunny days a year, in an area without any heavy industry, guarantee you an excellent quality.

The Harvest

It is also interesting to know that there is only one harvest per year.
Many documentation often talks about several harvests per year.
That's not true!
Unfortunately, there is always such misinformation around.

So, in fact, there really is only one orange harvest a year.

For all the lovers of the fresh deliciousness, it might be important to know that all citrus varieties have their heyday in April.

The first harvest takes place in November, whilst the fruits still have a relatively high acidity. The fruits will become firstly really sweet in December and the best time will be usually January. Starting on by March, these fruits are becoming heavenly sweet.

We're achieving this with different later maturing, so-called "Navel" oranges.

The Navel season reaches its prime time in May and June with many different varieties and we truly think it's becoming better and better a bit later on in the year.

Well, then there is the late autumn which brings you delicious summer oranges on the table. This variety has flowers at the same time as it carries the fruits for the next year of the orange season to bewitch you trough their yumminess.

The origin of the freshest fruit of the world and its further description

The German name Orange means apple from China. The botanical name of the fruit Citrus sinensis (Latin: Sinensis = Chinese) indicates the southern Chinese homeland.

It probably grew there for 3000 years.

In the 13th century, the Mauritanians brought oranges and excellent irrigation ideas to Portugal. Even then, irrigation systems were built, some of which are still preserved today, and still allow us to irrigate our plantation with water from the Arade Reservoir. The groundwater level is not affected by our fruit cultivation.

We lay great importance on a sustainable water management!

An orange tree takes about 5 years before you can harvest the first (few) fruits. Then, only with the good care, of course, it can bring about 30 years yield.

The trees reach a height of 3 - 8 meters ( ≙ 118,11 inch to 314,96 inches).

However, our trees are cut out almost every year to achieve a good fruit size and to provide the fruits with better light and air. Citrus trees are evergreen trees.

The fruits are botanically assigned to the berry fruits, which are composed of small juice sacs in the individual segments (boats).

The fruit itself is considered to be a "Navel" orange because the lower part of it looks like a navel. It is also important to know that the peel color does not determine the degree of ripeness. Natural citrus fruits need very cool night temperatures from 6 ° C ( ≙ 42.8 °F) to 0 ° C (≙ 32 °F), in order for the citrus fruit to be able to turn into their yellow or orange tone, depending if its an orange or a lemon, of course.

Due to this reason, it might happen that the fruits are a bit greenish by the peel at the beginning of the season. Not the color but the acidity is crucial. We check it carefully for you before we harvest.

The idea and purpose:

the ORANGE is considered to be a creative energy full of solar power.

It stands for renewal and also for the beginning of the day.

It gives you the strength to handle life in small but with very confident steps.

It makes every day a little bit better and helps to actively implement creative ideas.

The orange is a pool full of perseverance fortitude.

There is hardly any other fruit that is adjusted to change that amount then the orange does. In fact, the orange is full of energy and flexibility.

With a maturity between 8 to 18 months, its spectrum is indeed very large.

We can try to see it through the way of an orange tree:

In spring the orange tree blooms.

In summer it gathers all the energy and in autumn and winter, it completes the cycle.

You can find that, in summer oranges, this spectrum is even more powerful.

When the autumn comes, it collects all the solar power of the "second summer".

We call them due to this reason: " The light retaining units".

Thus, this fruit conveys the change and the adaptation and thus the drive to adapt to many situations in life.

Just try it yourself. Yes, experience what a natural orange can taste like.

You could, for example, enjoy the scent of a fresh orange in your home, or perhaps pamper yourself with a delicious orange jam for breakfast.

And here is a tip for a perfect "refining" of this wonderful fruit.

Bring the sun on to your breakfast bread and let your heart feel the warm taste - let us tell you our secret – Quinta's exclusive recipe "The Orange jam with port".

You'll need following ingredients:

1 kg of oranges ( 1 Kg ≙ 2.20 US lb)

1 kg gelling sugar ( 1 Kg ≙ 2.20 US lb)

125 ml port wine (our store's order number – 8001) ( 125 ml ≙ 4.23 US Oz.)


1. Wash the oranges with hot water

2. Please peel it and cut the pulp into pieces

3. Cut the peel of 2 oranges (without the 2nd peel which has a white color) into 3-4 cm long, fine stripes

4. Mix the pieces of fruit and peel stripes including the jam plus the sugar well.

5. Bring your Mixture to boil for about 4 minutes. It should have some bubbles coming up while boiling it. Don't forget to stir well all the time.

6. Last but not least: Stir the port underneath your Jam

7. Immediately pour into glasses with a lid.

"What are our fruits?" - an expectation guide

To be clear: the citrus fruits that we send to you, are generally not available anywhere else besides trough us. This is seen regarding their level of ripening.

We do this without any irradiation, fumigation, and preservation.

And for this done for a good reason:

As a producer, we lose a not inconsiderable fruit amount of our production through late harvesting. One or the other fruit may not be able to survive the transport.

You might see the tight gradation between ripe fruit and natural process of degeneration. The taste, however, will surely convince you!

Be aware that you order natural fruits here.

This is nothing you would buy at the Supermarket – our fruits are not industrial goods. We do not fight every louse that leaves its honeydew on some fruits. Of course, it is good to wash off. Therefore we declare our fruits with the Commercial Class: "HKL II". From our experience, we know that most fruits are arriving at our customer's door's step in good condition. Our transport is cool and dry.

The shipping will be performed at 6-8 ° C (≙ 42,8 °F – 46,4 °F) refrigerator temperature.

We are proudly able to tell you that you'll taste the love we've put into our fruit cultivation. Many positive customer feedbacks educated us about that fact.

Yumminess is our passion - let the natural taste make you happy, too.

  from Neuss
Leckere Früchte, saftig und voller Sonne. Selbst wenn auf dem Transport eine Frucht beschädigt wurde und dadurch schimmelt, die anderen Früchte stecken sich nicht an. Hier merkt man, dass die Früchte unbehandelt sind und noch ihren natürlichen Schutz besitzen. Habe gerade eine frische Lieferung bekommen und zwei Früchte waren durch den Druck aufgeplatzt - da hat keine angefangen zu schimmeln. Top. Vielen Dank.
  from Alpen
Sehr leckere, saftige und aromatische Früchte. Hier kaum zu erhalten. Sind kühl gelagert auch einige Zeit haltbar.
  from Edewecht
Erste Lieferung Orangen Anfang Mai. Wie beschrieben, voll saftig süß. Doch es ist besser als das. So etwas haben wir noch nie gegessen! Es gibt keine dicke Schicht von weißem, keine Ahnung wie das heißt. Man kommt gar nicht erst in die Verlegenheit, Orangenspalten zu schaffen; es gibt quasi keine Haut, andere man würgend hängen bleibt! Kerne konnten wir auch noch keine entdecken. Diese Orangen sind wie Orangensaft zum Abbeißen. Unser einziges Problem: Nachbarn bezirzen, mit zu bestellen, damit eine größere Lieferung lohnt.
  from Bonn
Orangen bestellt und 2 Tage nach Versandtermin erhalten. Sind schön saftig, sauer, aber nicht zu sauer, süß, aber nicht zu süß. Einfach zum Reinbeißen (wenn die Schale nicht wäre). Schale ist auch schon verarbeitet und probiert worden. Schmeckt auch. Werde bestimmt wieder hier bestellen.