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Avocado "Hass", the buttery choice from our own cultivation!
Avocado "Hass" – a pure and fresh Mediterranean enjoyment.
It is a pear-shaped fruit with a knobbed, firm peel and buttery pulp.
Try it yourself, a delicate, savory, nutty-tasting avocado variety.
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Avocado Hass, the buttery-pulped one, per Kg
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The green Mediterranean Yumminess

Our Avocados "Hass" is oval fruits, with a frim, knobbed peel.

The fruits full of goodness are coming to you with their unforgettable delicate, spicy, nutty taste and their heavenly buttery pulp.


Quinta cultivation – we grow them at our farm for you!

Commercial Class - "HKL II".

Our avocados are natural, not sorted and not preserved.

Our fruits ripen on the tree for up to a year and are always fresh and harvested by hand.

General information about Avocados
Our avocados are always green and hard but harvested with optimal Puffle maturity.

Avocados never ripen on the tree. In nature, they fall completely hard and immature to the ground.

Like bananas, avocados do not mature while on the Tree but only after harvesting.

The process of ripening can be influenced by wrapping the avocado together with a pineapple and an apple into a piece of paper in order to keep it warm.

For a slow ripening, the avocado is placed individually in the fridge.

The fruit is ready to eat when the shell is receptive to light pressure.

The fruits with a brown coloring on the shell are going to ripen first.

The nutty aromatic flesh of a ripe avocado is greenish-yellow, soft and creamy.

Since it oxidizes very quickly in the air, we recommend drizzling with it with a little of a lemon's juice.
The pulp contains about 23% unsaturated fatty acids, it contains in addition to their healthy vegetable fats plenty of vitamins.
To mention some of them: vitamin B (B1 and B29), vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin K, alpha-carotene, beta-Carotene, biotin, lutein, lycopene, zeaxanthin, and calcium.

Our advice
Use one teaspoon of avocado or avocado oil to improve the absorption of fat-soluble nutrients/vitamins from your diet.

Avocado in your cuisine
To cut an Avocado into two halves, it is recommended to do the slicing with a knife lengthwise to the core.

Then twist the two halves against each other to remove the core.

If an avocado half needs to be stored further, leave the core in place, this way you can reduce any air contact area wise.

The ripe fruits can be consumed raw or prepared according to many recipes.

Very popular is the spooning of an avocado in combination with lemon, salt, garlic, and tuna.

Also very widespread common for Avocados is the usage in Salads.

For 100g (≙ 0.22 US lb) avocado meat you can estimate about 160-220 kcal (670-921 kJ).

Butter and Avocado have similar properties.

This is not entirely coincidental. Both have a relatively high-fat content.

Here, however, the emphasis is on relatively:
100g butter (≙ 0.22 US lb) contains at least 80g fat.

With a high proportion of saturated fatty acids, Avocados contain per 100g pulp, about 15-30g fat, which is, however, from polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Just for compartment: You can find in a 100g piece of margarine (≙ 0.22 US lb) 80g of fat (≙ 0.18 US lb).

Special order and delivery condition for all fresh fruits
Our fruits are not treated which means they are not conserved.
We kept them as "Mother Nature" has provided them to us, and sometimes you can notice that.
If you have an above-average number of bad fruits during transport, please document this.
It is important that you can prove your loss by photos which you may E-Mail to us.
The picture size should not exceed the maximum of 1 MB in total.
In this case, you must give us a three days notice after the arrival of the goods at your door's step.
Only within this 3 days period, we can accept your claim.
So we'd like to give you a gentle reminder: Please always double check your delivery Adress before placing your order.
We do not take any responsibility for damages due to late delivery.

  from Neuss
Die Avocados liebe ich. Sie kommen wie beschrieben grün und hart, was aber den Vorteil hat, dass sie den Transport gut überstehen. Ich lasse sie bei Zimmertemperatur reifen und lege sie dann in den Kühlschrank. Dort halten sie sich mindestens zwei Wochen, eher länger. Und das, obwohl sie Vollreif sind. Tolle Qualität.