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Best-before date: 02/20/2021
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Dried, unsulphurised apple rings.

Fruity, sweet. Selected extra quality. Apples contain over 30 minerals and trace elements. (with citric acid to keep the slices light in appearance)
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Dried, unsulphurised apple rings. Selected extra quality.
(with citric acid so that the discs remain light in appearance)

Origin: Chile (each batch is tested for residues in the laboratory)

The apple is considered the symbolic fruit for vitality and health. Every apple carries more than 30 vitamins and trace elements, 100 to 180 milligrams of potassium and many other valuable minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, magnesium or iron in and under its skin. And in dried apples the concentration of many ingredients is even higher.

Apple rings are a very healthy snack and a great source of energy.

average nutritional values (in 100g)
FUEL VALUE (in kj): 1067
FUEL VALUE (in kcal): 265
protein / protein: 1.4 g
SUCKER: 46.9 g
FAT: 1.6 g
ROHF FIBRE: 10.1 g
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