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Almond kernels without skin, roasted with skin and smoked salt - for nibbling.
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Almond seeds without skin, roasted with skin - for nibbling, with smoke salt (natural salt content of almond 0.1g per 100g) With a fantastic bite.

The fat-free hot-air roasting, without additional sugar addition of our natural almonds underlines the pleasant almond taste and releases additional flavors in the palate. A real snack fun refined with a little smoke - salt. With a high, natural protein content. A tasty snack that can be served on a wide variety of occasions.
Roasted almonds are a tasty enrichment in the kitchen for baking, in muesli, on quark dishes, in salads, in the vegetable pan.

Average nutritional values per 100g:
Energy: 640 kcal / 2662 kj
Fat: 53 g of which 4.3 g saturated fatty acids
Carbohydrates: 5.5g, of which 1.4g sugar
Ballast materials: 14g
Protein: 24g
salt: 0.1g

Origin: Portugal, controlled natural cultivation
Cultivation: without genetic engineering.
Ingredients: Almond roasted and smoked salt.
Roasting: Hot-air roasting.
Gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan, vegetarian
Allergens: peanut, hazelnut, almond, nuts
Storage: dry and cool

Transport packaging:
Resealable, kraft paper light-protected, stand-up pouch with zip closure, round bottom gusset, aroma protection sealed. Material: transparent - PET / PE especially for food and kraft paper.
If you cut off the sealing seam (approx. 1 cm from the top edge) with the scissors, the bag can be closed well again in daily use thanks to its ZIP closure. The goods are well protected against moisture penetration. The bag stands through the round bottom fold.

The filling quantity:
Marking ( e ). On the packaging.
The filling quantity is a net quantity of the product on the day of filling.
Bottled according to EU regulations. The quantity contained may vary over time. e.g. by evaporation.
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