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Poblano & Ancho mild spiciness with smoke aroma and chocolaty note
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The ground Chili Ancho smoke flavor is made in Mexico from the pods of Poblano chili.

Chili Ancho
- mild pungency with smoky aroma and chocolaty note.
- 2000 Scoville sharpness, 2-3 of 10
- Grilled meat, poultry, vegetables, Asian dishes, chili con carne

Chili Ancho is the traditional name in Mexico for dried, smoked chilli of the variety Poblano. The green Poblano Chili are dried at quite high temperature, usually over a charcoal fire. This gives them their slightly smoky aroma. The skin of the Poblano, which was originally quite hard, is now removed and the fruit cleaned. The inner parts of the chilli, which are now really dry, are finely ground.

The powder then called Chili Ancho is very popular in Mexico and is an integral part of Mexican cuisine.
The ground fruity Chili Ancho has a lot to offer. A beautiful dark deep brown colour, a sweet, smoky aroma, and great notes of chocolate and prune.
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