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From wild collection. With pleasant taste of fruit pulp,
that adheres to the flakes, and reminds of the aromas of tamarind, honey and liquorice.
You can either suck them off the plates directly, or take them dissolved in water as a drink.
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Cassia / Manna in poles, Cassia Fistula, one stick (1x)
Cassia Fistula a whole pole, top quality.
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Cassia / Manna in sticks, Cassia Fistula, 10-25cm pieces 500g
Cassia Fistula in pieces approx. 10-25cm long. Each 500g package contains approx. 12-14 pieces.
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Cassia / Manna in sticks, Cassia Fistula, unsorted loose, 1 Kg
Cassia Fistula unsorted 1 Kg Pack
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Cassia / Manna in sticks, Cassia Fistula, 500g pack
Cassia Fistula whole sticks. Top quality.
Each 500g package contains approx. 6-9 pieces (10-25 cm).
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Manna (Cassia fistula) - Tubular snipe. The original from India. Belongs to the legume family. The fruits of the Röhrenkassie are called Manna.

Manna sticks are an excellent remedy for natural and gentle purification and detoxification, which even tastes good. Cassia has a strong blood and cell cleansing effect.

You can either suck them off the plates directly, or take them dissolved in water as a drink.

The skin of the fruit is woody and relatively hard. If the skin is broken open, the fruit pulp adheres to the slices. These disks separate the seed chambers from each other.
The pod is best opened with a nutcracker or garden shears and the black plates removed. The seeds are not suitable for consumption (they are considered poisonous!) but only the mush adhering to the discs. The pulp/must is simply sucked away by the platelets. Manna has a laxative effect when consumed excessively.
We act for good reason, exclusively tested original Cassia from India.
This is a natural product from wild collection - not produced industrially according to an EU standard - and therefore the rods are all different in length and diameter.

In the approximately 20 -55 cm long pods (with break smaller pieces) are numerous black platelets, alternating with the seeds. You can plant the seeds, which results in the beautiful "Indian golden rain". But it is absolutely not hardy! For Bonsai lovers it can become a very beautiful piece of jewellery.

The broad-crowned tree becomes in its homeland India up to 9 m high. The bright yellow flowers appear in summer in up to 60 cm long hanging grapes. The Cassia-fruits developing from it are 20-55 cm long, hollow, rod-good, black-brown stalks with a diameter of 1-4 cm. It contains numerous thin, almost circular plates that divide the individual chambers in which the seeds are found.

Origin: India / Wild collection
Storage: cool and dry.
Warning: Keep out of the reach of children.

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