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volume/weight: 1.20kg
The pulp is buttery and sweetish. Very versatile in its usage. ♥ With edible peel ♥
After cooking or frying its peel becomes edible.
Butter Pumpkin is an excellent pick for raw salads.
Harvested in 2018.
Please note: Our Butter Pumpkins are up for sale now and the smallest purchasable unit is 1.20 kg ( ≙ 2,65 US lb).

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Butter Pumpkin, Quinta cultivation, available in pieces

Its flesh is buttery and sweetish and therefore very versatile in its usage.
An extraordinary feature of the Butter pumpkin is its thin peel which is edible after cooking or frying.
Butter Pumpkin is an excellent pick for raw salads.
Harvested in 2018.
Please note: Our Butter Pumpkins are up for sale now and the smallest purchasable unit is 1.20 kg ( ≙ 2,65 US lb).


The Butter Pumpkin or pear gourd, also known in English as Butternut Pumpkin, French Potiron, Italian Zucca, Portuguese Calabaza. This very extraordinary Pumpkin is just one of the many different types of Pumpkins from the Butternut Pumpkin Family.
Its flesh is buttery and sweet and therefore very versatile in usage.
You could use it for frying, baking, cooking, steaming or as a side dish, for pumpkin puree or soups and stews.
Of particular interest could be if the Pumpkin gets grated.
Then it is a fine ingredient raw in salads.
We take an example of the combination of grated pumpkin and carrot. Such a great salad idea!

Taste, color, and appearance – the Butter Pumpkins facts

Our Pumpkins are about 20 cm ( ≙ 7,87 inch ) tall.
Color: light-creamy orange, with a slight similarity to a pear.
Butter pumpkins have a lot of pulp and only a few seeds, so they're indeed super economical.
A very special feature of the gourd is the thin peel.
Hence you can eat our Butter Pumpkin with the peel; you'll be surely delighted to save yourself a fair amount of time for the usual mandatory and annoying Pumpkin peeling.

A Butter Pumpkin and your health
100 grams ( ≙ 0,22 US lb) of its pulp contain only 27 Kcal ( ≙ 113 KJ ).
A Pumpkin supplies you with many nutrients such as beta-carotene, vitamin A, magnesium, calcium, and potassium.

Portugal, Quinta cultivation – we grow it our own for you! HKL II (≙ Commercial Class)

Storage and shelf life
dry and airy, very good storable for a longer amount of time.

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Recipe for you, a very special "Pumpkin Autumn Salad"

Ingredient list:
4 portions of various lettuces
1 pear
1 teaspoon cane sugar (6451)
150 grams ( ≙ 0.33 US lb) buttered pumpkin
One tablespoon of butter mace
10 walnuts (2490)
300 grams ( ≙ 0.66 US lb) blue cheese
Three tablespoons of lemon juice (our fresh lemons are seasonal. Please check their availability)
Three tablespoons grapeseed oil
One tablespoon cedar nut oil
Four tablespoons of Virgin Olive Oil, Gallo brand, Moonshine Harvest (444)
some sea salt (5917)
crushed black pepper (66136)

1. Please wash the salad.
2. Peel and quarter the pear, remove the core casing and cut into pieces in rhombus shape.
3. Caramelize the sugar in a pan and puff the pear into it.
4. Cut the pumpkin still with its peel on into pieces or slices.
5. Fry those pieces or slices in a pan with butter.
6. After this has been done, season it with salt, nutmeg, and pepper.
7. Roughly chop the walnuts and toast them in a frying pan without oil.
8. Whisk the lemon and the spices all together in a bowl.
Slowly stir your mixture of lemon and spices, then trickle in all types of oil. Mix the oil well under.
9. Arrange your salad on a plate and marinate it with the dressing.
10. Chop the cheese and spread it into the salad together with pear, the pumpkin, and the nuts.

A fabulous dinner recipe suggestion - Pumpkin Soup

Ingredients for one person:
250 grams ( ≙ 0.55 US lb) pumpkin
2 tablespoons onion
10 grams ( ≙ 0.02 US lb) fresh ginger,
One clove of garlic finely chopped
One tablespoon olive oil
½ l ( ≙ 16.91 US Oz.) vegetable broth
100 ml ( ≙ 3.38 US Oz.) freshly squeezed orange juice
One tablespoon pumpkin seeds
freshly grounded pepper
some salt
chopped herbs of the season

1. Heat the olive oil in a saucepan and fry the onions to a golden yellow tone.
2. Add the garlic and roast it briefly.
3. Afterward add the vegetable broth, season it with salt and pepper.
4. Let it simmer for about 20 minutes.
5. Purée everything in a blender.
6. Last but not least: season it, your taste buds will surely be very happy.
7. Fill the soup into a deep dish and decorate it with roasted pumpkin seeds.

Nutrition facts for 100 g of butter pumpkin
Calorific value 159 kJ / 38 Kcal

Calories 38 kcal
Protein 1.1 g
Carbohydrates 8.3 g
Fat 0.1 g

Vitamin C 21 mg
Vitamin E 1.44 mg

Iron 0.7 mg
Zinc 0.2 mg
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