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The stinging nettle is considered one of the most curative plants on earth.
The tea acts as a pick-me-up and awakens the weary spirits in you. It has a positive effect on the metabolism, and has a diuretic and blood purifying effect. Suitable as tea, but also in salad or soup.
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Nettle leaf tea, cut. Controlled quality, 100g
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Nettle leaf tea, cut. Controlled quality, 250g
The tea acts as a pick-me-up and awakens the weary spirits in you.
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The stinging nettle is a medicinal herb traditionally used for a long time Nettle and leaves of stinging nettle contain mineral salts, carotenoids (plant dyes), organic acids, vitamins (especially vitamin C), lime, magnesium, iron, folic acid, silicic acid, neurotransmitters such as histamine and serotonin, which also occur in the human body and the hormone-like sitosterol
Ingredients in the leaves:
- Nerve messengers (including histamine, acetylcholine, serotonin)
- Flavonoids
- Silica
- formic acid
- Essential oil
- Potassium

Preparation for tea: Boil 4 teaspoons of stinging nettle leaves in half a liter of water and then let it rest for about 10 minutes. Strain with a fine strainer, done.
We recommend a stinging nettle tea cure in the spring. Drink half a liter of stinging nettle daily throughout the day for 14 days. Pause for 2 weeks and repeat the treatment again for 14 days.
Please do not use stinging nettle treats for more than 3 weeks, otherwise your body will be over-drained and demineralised.

Please note: The use is not intended for the elimination or alleviation of diseases, ailments or pathological complaints. The information given here comes from natural medicine, based on tradition of folk medicine or many years of experience. Under no circumstances should this information replace a consultation with a doctor. If you have any questions, please contact your doctor or alternative practitioner.
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