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Genuine blue poppy, aromatic and nutty in taste.
For delicious poppy seed cakes or yeast dumplings, in muesli or desserts.
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Poppy is one of the oldest cultivated plants. Already 4000 years ago poppy was mentioned in different cuneiform scripts.
With a calcium content of 2.475 %, poppy seed is one of the foods richest in calcium. Poppy seed is also rich in B vitamins.

Origin: Czech Republic
Wash with warm water before consumption. For raw consumption, the recommended maximum daily intake is 20g. Blue poppy is not a food for small children.

Recipe for Portuguese poppy seed cake:

125g blue poppy.
150ml milk.
125g butter.
250g sugar.
1EL vanilla oil.
2 eggs, separated.
200g flour.
1 sachet baking powder.
Powdered sugar for dusting.

Grind the poppy seeds in a mortar, add to the milk and bring to the boil. Leave to swell for about an hour. Cream the butter with the sugar. Stir in the egg yolk, vanilla oil and poppy seed mixture. Mix flour with baking powder and knead with the remaining ingredients to a dough. Beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt until stiff and fold into the dough. Grease a smaller springform pan or a box pan. Pour the dough into the tin and bake in a preheated oven at 180`C for about 50 minutes. Let the cake cool down a little, remove from the tin and sprinkle with plenty of icing sugar.
The filling quantity:
Marking ( e ). On the packaging.
The filling quantity is a net quantity of the product on the day of filling.
Bottled according to EU regulations. The quantity contained may vary over time. e.g. by evaporation.

Transport packaging:
ZIP bag
Resealable, kraft paper light-protected, stand-up pouch with zip closure and round bottom gusset, aroma protection sealed.
Material: Kraft paper50 / AL7 / CPP60 especially for food.
If you cut off the sealing seam (approx. 1 cm from the top edge) with the scissors, the bag can be closed well again in daily use thanks to its ZIP closure. The goods are well protected against the penetration of moisture and light. The bag stands through the round bottom pleat.
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