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A mellow, lovely honey in the aroma, ideal for warm meals u. Beverages.
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Pure acacia honey from the flowers of the acacia tree. The real acacia tree is a heat-loving tree that feels at home in the Mediterranean climate and can be found both in acacia groves and as a single plant in the mild zones of the Serra. (not to be confused with the pseudoacacia growing in Central Europe - Robinia.)
The white clusters of acacia are an important source of nutrients, with a wide range of nectar and pollen for the bees.
Acacia honey is mild, sweet honey that leaves a nice pleasant, intense smell of flowering acacia groves when you open the glass. The scent is strongly reminiscent of beautiful spring days.
The very light to golden yellow, almost transparent honey is very thin and takes a long time to crystallize.
Pure natural acacia honey is a very good source of energy. The ratio of fructose and glucose (glucose) is almost balanced and can be directly absorbed by the body. The honey is said to have a positive effect on general well-being and the ability to concentrate.
There are also trace elements, minerals, vitamin C and group B vitamins, and the ingredients inhibins and serotonin.
Due to its mild, sweet aroma, acacia honey is very versatile in the kitchen. Due to the low dominant taste of the honey is particularly good for natural sweetening for hot food and drinks. Whether at breakfast for bread, cereal, yogurt, quark, tea, coffee or warm milk. In salad dressing, fruit salad, smoothie, or when making desserts or baked goods, the uses are very diverse. As with all natural honey varieties, acacia honey is a supplement of the medicine cabinet for traditional use and prevention of coughs, colds, bronchial complaints, indigestion and wherever the anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial effect of honey is appreciated.
In the bathroom, the mild natural acacia honey is a good supplement in creams and face masks.

Origin: Hungary

Storage: cool and protected from light
FUEL (in kj): 956
FUEL (in kcal): 228
SALT: 0g

Bottled by:
Euromel, Lda.
Quinta Pocinhos
6090-511 PENAMACOR

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