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Food quality, vegetarian swelling agent, consistency enhancer, tasteless thickening agent for desserts, soups, ice cream and jam. Pure vegetable substitute for gelatine.
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Agar Agar vegetarian, ground, 100g glass
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Food quality, vegetarian swelling agent, consistency enhancer, thickener for desserts, soups, ice cream and jam, vegan substitute for gelatine. Agar-agar has six times more gelling power than gelatin
Botanical: Agar Agar gracilaria.
Declared in European legislation as food additive E 406, the tasteless agar is produced from the cell walls of some algae species (mainly red algae, such as Gracilaria, Gelidiopsis, Gelidium, Hypnea and Sphaerococcus species), mainly from East Asia. In Japan and China, agar has been used in the preparation of food since the 17th century. In Southeast Asia it is an integral part of the cuisine. There it is used for the preparation of various desserts. Gelatine is completely unknown there.
Every liquid binds differently, so you have to experiment a little. For water or vegetable broth take about 1 tsp agar agar to 500 ml water to get a solid gelatine. For soup about 1/2 TL per litre. For jam: Basic recipe for about 4 glasses (320 ml) 1 kg fruit 3 teaspoons agar 3 tablespoons water 2 tablespoons lemon juice 500 g honey or spices. Average nutritional value per 100g: Calories 340 Kcal Fat 2 g Carbohydrates 35.5 g Dietary fibre 2.2 g Protein 43 g
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